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Lawyers for Employment Law | Sexual Harassment | Discrimination in San Francisco, California

If you are in or near San Francisco, and looking for a discrimination attorney – whether one for sexual harassment law, unlawful termination, or other types of discrimination issues, we can help. With offices in Oakland and San Anselmo, California, and headed by renowned trial lawyer Lawrence A. Organ, our world-class law firm specializes in employment and civil rights matters. In the vast majority of our cases, we defend individuals who have experienced sexual harassment, or discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or religion.

  • We offer both in-person consultations at our nearest office to San Francisco, or over-the-phone consultations. This makes it easy for any San Francisco resident to request a confidential attorney consultation on issues such as a possible sexual harassment, discrimination, unlawful termination or other type of employment law.

California Civil Rights Law Group attorneys take a personal interest in their clients’ cases. Listening to and truly understanding the unique situation of each victim is a top priority, allowing us to provide every client with the strong, fierce representation he or she deserves.

We are proud of our reputation as successful litigation attorneys under the direction of renowned trial lawyer Lawrence A. Organ. Use this page to request a private consultation for a San Francisco sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination lawyer.

  • Call us at (415) 453-4740 | Email us at | Message us via our contact form.

Directions to Our Oakland Law Firm from San Francisco

  1. Get on US 101 S
  2. Take I-80 E to Brush St in Oakland. Take the 18th Street exit from I-980 W
  3. Follow Brush St and 14th St to Broadway

Our Oakland law firm offices are also accessible via BART (12th Street Oakland station). Here are some of our practice areas:

  • Sexual Harassment – our Oakland-based attorneys can help you defend against sexual harassment in the workplace or elsewhere.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination – discrimination against pregnant women is illegal. If you are looking for a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Oakland or nearby East Bay communities, call us to discuss your potential case.
  • Race Discrimination & Other Discrimination Issues – known as one of the top Oakland civil rights law firms, our lawyers will aggressively work against racial discrimination and other types of discrimination.
  • National Origin and Ethnicity Discrimination – the law is clear that discrimination on other criteria such as national origin, ethnicity or religion is illegal. We’re known as one of the leading law firms in Oakland working against all types of discrimination in employment and other areas.
  • Workplace and Employment Law – many people come to us looking for an Oakland employment law attorney, but we litigate against all types of workplace discrimination or discrimination you may face at your place of employment.
  • LGBTQ Discrimination – whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender / transsexual or questioning, our gender discrimination lawyer team can help determine if you have a case. With an Oakland office convenient to freeways and transit, it’s easy to come in for a free case evaluation.
  • Whistleblower Attorneys – if you’ve ‘blown the whistle’ on an employer or organization, you have rights. We can defend them.

In sum, as employment law attorneys, we work hard to identify and defend the rights of our clients. If you are seeking the best San Francisco employment law attorneys, please reach out to us for a consultation. No two cases are alike, and our goal is to be the best civil rights and employment law attorneys for our clients by aggressively representing them. Start your journey today by reaching out for a no obligation consultation with a lawyer in our nearest Bay Area office or by phone.

San Francisco Factoid

San Francisco Sexual Harassment Lawyer

San Francisco was the main point of embarkation for World War II’s Pacific theater, and the region became a major arms production center. After Pearl Harbor, the city’s Japanese residents were forced into internment camps far inland. Their abandoned neighborhood was soon filled by African-Americans arriving from the South to work in the war industries. San Francisco also played a key role in the transition from World War II to the Cold War, hosting the 1945 conference at which the U.N. Charter was drafted and continuing to draw workers to develop technologies for the nuclear age.


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