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California Civil Rights Law Group, a San Francisco Bay Area law firm specializes in employment litigation, and has been recognized for its trial work, including for its most recent work in Owen Diaz v. Tesla, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area Discrimination Lawyers

“Larry has been a crusader against racial discrimination,” explained Navruz Avloni, Partner at the Bay Area-based law firm. “Recent press has highlighted the history of our litigation against Tesla, which precedes new litigation by the State of California against the automaker.”

Interested persons can read more about the case at That article, published on January 26, 2022, includes an extensive interview with Mr. Organ about the case. It also references the original October 4, 2021 jury verdict in Diaz v. Tesla, Inc. (


Even today and even in the San Francisco Bay Area, racial discrimination at work can remain a problem. Workers may experience it and just not know about their right to work in a hostile free workplace; some may be reluctant to reach out for potential legal help because they fear reprisals. Persons who are experiencing racial discrimination are encouraged to read the law firm’s informational page on discrimination at Secondarily, with offices in San Anselmo (Marin County), Oakland (Alameda County), and San Francisco (San Francisco City and County), the California Civil Rights Law Group makes it easy for persons to reach out for a confidential consultation with a discrimination lawyer. If a person feels that they may be experiencing discrimination, especially but not only at the workplace, then they should reach out for an attorney consultation. Only a trained attorney can evaluate the facts vis-a-vis the law and advise as to the desirability of legal action. This can be done confidentially with no risk to the impacted employee.