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Wrongfully Terminated? We Can Help.

In California, it is a wrongful termination if an employer fires you for any of the following reasons:

  • for refusing to violate the law or perform an illegal actWrongful Termination Attorney Marin San Francisco Oakland
  • for exercising your legal rights
  • for reporting your employer’s violation of a state or federal law
  • for exercising your right to take family, maternity or medical leave

Some employers, rather than terminate an employee for an unlawful reason, force the employee to resign. If you believe that your employer forced you to resign by making your work working conditions intolerable, then you may be a victim of constructive termination.

We have helped hundreds of California employees who were wrongfully terminated. If you are not sure whether you need an employment attorney, let us help you decide. Call us at one of our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area at (415) 453-4740 or (510) 978-4880, or contact us for a free consultation. With offices in Oakland and San Anselmo, we are conveniently located for persons living in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Alameda and San Francisco Counties.

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