Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. You do not have to put up with it. California has some of the strongest protections for workers in the country.

Even so, some employers still do not get it. Too many managers, supervisor or coworkers think that off-color jokes, physical touching, personal attention, pornographic images or demeaning comments are okay as long as they do not “cross the line.” But this type of behavior is always inappropriate in the workplace.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, our attorneys can help you speak up and fight back. Contact us today, and find ways to Fight Back!

“For over two decades we have fought against sexual harassment by winning three of the largest cases in California, including one where a jury awarded more than $30 million.”

-Founding Attorney, Larry Organ

Our attorneys are different because when we go to work for our clients, we are armed with:

  • Years of experience in court fighting against sexual harassment
  • In-depth knowledge of all applicable state and federal laws
  • Sound judgment about the right outcome to strive toward
  • Extensive courtroom and trial preparation experience
  • A strong record of jury trial victories for our clients
  • An ability to recognize quid pro quo and hostile work environments

We Get Excellent Results for Victims of Sexual Harassment

Our lawyers have a reputation for getting results. In 2002, founding attorney Larry Organ won the largest sexual harassment verdict in California’s history at that time. His reputation matters to opposing attorneys and can make a difference in your case.