Emily Kohlheim

Emily is an associate attorney who was a law clerk for the California Civil Rights Law Group during the summer of 2020. She returned fulltime in Fall 2021 following her graduation from Berkeley Law. Emily has long had a passion for civil rights advocacy and employees’ rights. She has worked alongside the CCRLG team in fighting for and obtaining results for our clients in several matters in which our clients were subjected to serious wrongdoing including sexual harassment, LGBTQIA+ harassment and discrimination, race harassment and discrimination, age discrimination, and discrimination based on history of criminal justice system involvement. She continues to work on matters related to these issues, as well as disability discrimination and religious discrimination. 

During law school, Emily volunteered with the Wage Justice Clinic, assisting minimum wage workers with wage theft claims against their employers. She was a member and co-leader of the Foster Education Project, and served as the Education Rights Holder for a young person in the foster system. Emily was also a Graduate Student Researcher at the California Policy Lab at UC Berkeley, where she researched a variety of legal issues and government programs, including criminal record clearance laws in California, CalFresh, and privacy issues related to academic research.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys taking care of her pets (and adopting pets she thought she was only going to foster), listening to music, going on long walks, and cooking.


Berkeley Law

J.D., Candidate–2021

University of California, Los Angeles

B.A., 2018
Majors: Political Science, Arabic
Minor: Study of Religion