Employment Class Action

Protecting Groups of Workers Facing Discrimination

When employers discriminate or treat workers unfairly, they rarely single out one or two employees. Instead, they have a practice of treating all their employees unfairly. In situations like these, employees can have more power when they work together as a group, or “class.” Our attorney handle employment class action cases, too. We represent classes of workers whose employers have violated discrimination and harassment laws, or labor regulations (like overtime and break laws).

Types of Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Wage and Hour Violations
Does your employer pay less than minimum wage? Does your employer refuse to pay you for overtime? If you are an hourly employee, California law requiresEmployment Class Action Attorneys in Oakland your employer to pay at least the applicable minimum wage, as well as time-and-a-half for all overtime hours you work.

Have you and your co-workers been getting all of your breaks? If you are a full-time hourly employee, you are entitled to a paid 10-minute break for every four hours you work and a 30-minute unpaid meal break if you work more than five hours in a given shift.

Has your employer classified you as an “independent contractor?” Has your employer classified you as a salaried employee, hoping to avoid paying overtime? Misclassifying independent workers or hourly workers is a common strategy employers use to reduce paying you what you have earned. You are probably not alone. Employers often misclassify entire departments of workers.

Our attorneys have won some of the largest employment litigation settlements and verdicts in California history. Contact us today about starting or joining a lawsuit with other workers suffering from the same discrimination or other violations of workplace rights.