Age Discrimination

Are you 40-years of age or older? If so, you are in a protected class of workers. Employers cannot refuse to hire, terminate, demote or otherwise discriminate against an employee because of age.

Even so, age discrimination is a serious problem in California and across the nation. Unfortunately, many employers view older workers as a drag on their bottom line. Older workers want too much pay. Their health care benefits are too costly. They are not be able to “keep up” with younger employees. They have “one foot Age Discrimination Attorney Bay Area out the door.” The attorneys at the California Civil Rights Law Group know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Age Discrimination Attorneys Who Can Help

Our San Francisco Bay Area age discrimination attorneys recognize age discrimination when we see it. If your employer has pressured you to retire, replaced you with a younger, less experienced worker, or treated you differently because of your age; then you may be the victim of age discrimination. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. From our offices in Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin County, our discrimination law firms helps workers in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California fight against age discrimination in the workplace.