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Cory Aschauer – Intakes Coordinator

Cory brings over 25 years of paralegal experience to our firm. Her career began at a prestigious downtown San Francisco law firm working with a senior partner that represented numerous Fortune 100 companies. In an effort to make the world a better place, Cory moved to Oregon and continued her career by working for a prominent civil rights attorney who is now an Oregon Supreme Court Justice. Her passion for helping those that cannot help themselvesParalegal Cory Aschauer - Oakland & San Anselmo (Marin County) led her to a management position with the Child Advocacy Section of the Department of Justice where she supervised the southern half of the State and worked diligently at keeping over 8,000 foster children in safe and secure environments. If you contact our office – Cory is the person that handles our initial client intakes.

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