Cory Aschauer

Cory is our intake specialist and brings over 45 years of paralegal experience with her. Cory began her career at a prestigious downtown San Francisco law firm working with a senior partner that represented numerous Fortune 100 companies. Cory never felt satisfied working solely to “make the rich richer” and in an effort to make the world a better place Cory moved to Oregon and continued her career by working for a prominent civil rights attorney, Martha Walters, who later became the first female Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. Cory’s passion for helping those who cannot help themselves led her to a management position with the Child Advocacy Section of the Department of Justice and she worked diligently at keeping foster children in safe and secure environments. 

Cory returned to San Francisco for her final years of employment and worked with us before her retirement.  After the Owen Diaz vs. Tesla verdict (an initial intake taken by Cory) we asked her if she would be willing to come out of retirement to help screen potential clients. Cory is now happily handling intakes for us and once again has a sense of helping make the world a better place by listening to the stories that are told by brave workers who want to correct the injustice that has, or is happening, to them.  

Cory lives on the Southern Oregon Coast and her hobbies include long beach walks with her rescue German Shepherd, gardening, raising chickens/ducks, and cycling.