Looking Forward to 2020

December 31, 2019

The turn of the seasons and close of the year brings time to reflect on past triumphs and losses and look to new challenges. 2019 brought tumult and conflict as well as victories and celebrations. For the California Civil Rights Law Group, the beginning of the year was cause for jubilation as we celebrated the […]

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Tesla’s Bid to Arbitrate Race Bias Claims Gets 9th Cir. Test

April 16, 2019

Posted April 16, 2019, 6:38 AM Bloomberg Law Ninth Circuit to hear oral argument April 16 Trial court sent claims to arbitration based on circuit precedent A former Tesla Inc. employee will try to convince a federal appeals court that his racial discrimination lawsuit should be litigated in an open courtroom and not forced into private arbitration. […]

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Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism

November 30, 2018

Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism African-American workers have reported threats, humiliation and barriers to promotion at the plant. The automaker says there is no pattern of bias. NY Times Nov. 30, 2018

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LGBT Discrimination

May 05, 2018

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Out of Office: Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence

March 23, 2018

California law is particularly generous when it comes to employees taking leave. There are several, distinct types of leave that employees in need can use.[1] Everyone should be aware, however, that taking leave is one thing, but paid leave is another. Many types of leave are unpaid. Lots of employees also need to use their […]

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Lawsuit Filed Against Taylor Farms on Behalf of 16 Current and Former Employees.

February 25, 2018

California Civil Rights Law Group, a leading San Francisco Bay Area law firm focused on racial discrimination, has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Farms on behalf of 16 Plaintiffs alleging a climate of racial and discriminatory behavior at the company’s manufacturing plant in Tracy, California.The case has been filed in the Northern District of California […]

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Four Barrel, burned by sexual misconduct backlash, changing its name

January 08, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle

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Tesla hit by class-action lawsuit claiming racial discrimination

November 13, 2017


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Tesla workers claim anti-LGBT threats, taunts, and racial abuse in lawsuits

October 19, 2017

The Guardian

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Tesla Factory Employees Record Video Message for Coworker Threatening to Shred Him Up in Pieces

March 27, 2017

NBC Bay Area

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