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Bay Area LGBTQ Discrimination Attorney

The post is an overview to progress made in the Courts towards protections for LGBTQ people at work.


The California Civil Rights Law Group recently rolled out a blog post by Associate Attorney Noah Baron covering recent developments in federal protections for LGBT people against employment discrimination. The post starts with a review of a 1964 civil rights law, prohibiting discrimination in numerous areas, including in employment. The section prohibiting employment discrimination, known as Title VII, protected employees from not being hired, being fired, and not being promoted because of their race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Baron then explains that over time, courts recognized that discriminating against men or women based on gender stereotypes—-for example, that a woman was “too masculine,” or that a man was “too feminine”—-is sex discrimination, and therefore prohibited under Title VII. Even so, Baron notes, the question of whether the law also protected LGBT employees has been unclear for decades. In light of this, the post explores developments in Title VII court decisions, as they have followed changes in public opinion over time.

Most importantly, the post concludes with an admonition to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who feels that they may be facing discrimination based sexual orientation and/or gender identity: they should out to the law firm for a confidential, individual consultation, because they may be protected under not only California state law, but federal law as well. With offices in Oakland (Alameda County) and San Anselmo (Marin County), California Civil Rights Law Group is within easy reach of most of the Bay Area. For those in San Francisco or on the Peninsula, telephone appointments are available. Since no two situations are alike, the best first step is to reach out for a confidential attorney consultation for anyone who suspects they are being impacted by discrimination, whether because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other kind.


“Our blog is a good place for lay people to stay up-to-date yet receive historical background on key issues,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. “The new post takes a historical view towards progress on gay rights.”

Headed by renowned trial lawyer Larry Organ, California Civil Rights Law Group , is a leading employment law firm with San Francisco Bay Area offices in Oakland, Alameda County and San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Employees experiencing sexual harassment, race harassment, disability discrimination, LGTBQ discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and/or wrongful termination should reach out for an attorney consultation in either our Oakland/East Bay or San Anselmo/Marin County office.

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