Rak vs Saint Mary’s College of California

October 20, 2022

Saint Mary’s College of California, supposedly “committed to fostering a culture of care and responsibility, respect, awareness, and community,” in fact fosters a culture of disability discrimination and sexism on its women’s rowing team Lina Rak, an accomplished rower, and childhood cancer survivor has filed suit against Saint Mary’s College of California (“Saint Mary’s”). Coaches […]

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Why We Rejected $15 Million for Racial Harassment

October 04, 2022

By Larry Organ & Bernard Alexander. On October 4, 2021, a San Francisco federal Jury awarded Owen Diaz $6.9 million in emotional distress damages and $130 million in punitive damages, in  Diaz v. Tesla, Inc., Case No. 3:17-cv-06748-WHO.  This verdict  has been acknowledged  as the largest race harassment verdict in American history. For over nine […]

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