National Origin and Ethnicity Discrimination

Laws Prohibit Discrimination Based on National Origin and Ethnicity in the Workplace

Our attorneys believe that people of all races, ethnicities and national origins have a right to be proud of their unique cultural backgrounds and family origins. California’s Legislature agrees. State law prohibits workplace discrimination because of a worker’s national origin or ethnicity.

Civil Rights Attorneys Against National Origin and Ethnicity Discrimination San Francisco Bay Area California is uniquely diverse state, and our diversity is what brings us together. Unfortunately, employers, supervisors and co-workers do not always see things the same way. Despite well-established laws prohibiting discrimination, employees of different national origins or ethnicities are regularly discriminated against in the workplace.

If you are facing discrimination on the job because of your culture or your ancestors’ home country, contact us today. The attorneys and legal professionals at the California Civil Rights Law Group are committed to protecting workers and vindicating employees’ civil rights. We listen to your concerns and work aggressively to seek relief for the indignity you have endured.

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