LGBTQ Discrimination

We are lawyers committed to stopping LGBTQ discrimination in employment and elsewhere! At the California Civil Rights Law Group, our lawyers and professional staff believe that a person’s value at work should be related to job skills, not their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Fortunately, for millions of workers across the state, the California Legislature thinks so too. California laws prohibit LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and promotes gay and lesbian rights.

While we have made great strides in recent years, sexual orientation and gender identity remain divisive issues for many. The workplace is hardly immune. LGBTQ Discrimination (Gay and Lesbian Rights) Lawyers San Francisco Oakland MarinEmployers continue to discriminate against workers despite laws that prohibit discrimination based on sex or gender. This type of discrimination, disproportionately harm women and LGBTQ employees, including persons that identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning individuals.

LGBTQ Discrimination Can Be Subtle

Being a victim of sex or gender discrimination (not only LGTBQ discrimination) is not always as obvious as a demotion, getting fired, lewd remarks or offensive screen savers. Employers, managers and supervisors are typically aware of laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment, and therefore refrain from blatant discriminatory treatment. Discrimination can be in the form of subtle policies that discourage equal rights for promotion, additional responsibilities, customer interaction, restroom facilities and dress codes.

Contact a Discrimination Attorney

If you believe that your sex, sexual orientation or gender identity has been used against you at work, you might have a claim. Our LGBT discrimination attorneys based in San Francisco, Oakland and San Anselmo in Marin County, represent employees that are targeted at work because of their sex or gender. We offer a free consultation to review your situation and determine how we can help. Contact us today.