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For many people in the San Francisco Bay Area, the effects of workplace harassment do not end in the workplace. They often permeate into their lives, affecting their physical and emotional health, personal relationships and overall quality of life. According to, “45 percent of workplace harassment victims experience health issues from the stress of their situations.

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Workers who are victimized often become easier targets for future harassment incidents. They are not the only ones who suffer when harassment is going on. Witnesses of workplace harassment often experience high levels of stress and fear, states Halogen Talent Space.

The physical effects on health

Working in a high-stress environment that is full of hostility and abuse can cause some workers to develop high blood pressure, chronic migraines, eating disorders, nervous habits and reduced coordination. These effects are not all inclusive. But they all can cause employees to develop health conditions that can negatively impact their productivity and attendance. Some of these symptoms can also increase the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

The effects on emotional health

People who work in abusive job environments often suffer emotionally from the constant exposure to stress. Stress can cause workers to have poor concentration, memory loss, mood swings, changes in sleep habits, panic attacks, lower self-esteem and develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Many workers who suffer from these symptoms are often unaware of the effects right away.

Workplace harassment and bullying are not acceptable. It is not uncommon for many employees to suffer in silence because they fear for their jobs and how they will be treated in the workplace. They should consider the short and long-term effects on their health and speak up so that proper actions are taken to improve their situations.

Seeking the Help of a Workplace Law Attorney

If you think you may have been a victim of workplace harassment or discrimination of any type, you may need to look for an Oakland or San Anselmo workplace law attorney. Reach out to our staff for a consultation. No two situations are alike, so it’s important to seek out a consultation with a workplace law attorney.

Updated: 6/5/2017