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In their efforts to build a better future for their companies, businesses may hire employees from different ethnic backgrounds and experiences. Some of the existing employees may not react well to change — they may have been happy with the way things were. In fact, this new management decision might pose challenges on several fronts and uncover a bias against the new hires.

Gender Discrimination Lawyer Marin Couny

If you are among those new hires and find that fellow employees are making workplace life difficult for you, remember that you have options. You may wish to reach out to an attorney experienced with employee discrimination matters.

Barriers to success

If English is not your native language, one of the first problems you may encounter is communication. If your supervisor or manager gives you a task, you may not be able to complete it properly because you simply did not understand what they said. You may also be uncomfortable in the work environment because your coworkers make fun of the way you speak, the way you look or the way you dress.

Developing strategies

Your employer must develop strategies for defeating diversity problems and helping employees like you succeed. Training programs, for example, can help managers integrate the personnel in their departments, boost teamwork and ensure that everyone has the respect that he or she deserves. Some companies try implementing affirmative action but may find that diversity issues cannot be solved through hiring based solely on race. Instead, employers may examine existing barriers, create mentorship programs or diversity groups. Some companies hire bilingual workers who can help with communication issues.

What you can do

First, be open to any incentives or programs offered by the company to help smooth the way for workers with different ethnic backgrounds. Join a diversity group. Develop your own social support network. Also, keep a journal of detailed notes. If issues develop — your work environment becomes oppressive, for example, or you believe that your boss passed you up for promotion due to your ethnicity — remember that you can seek legal assistance. An experienced attorney is standing by to help.

Gender and Diversity Discrimination: the Help of an Attorney

If you think you may be a victim of gender discrimination, including LGTB discrimination in Oakland, the East Bay, Marin County or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may want to reach out for a consultation. Our gender discrimination attorneys have offices in both Oakland and in San Anselmo, and so we can provide a quick consult. No two situations are alike, and so it is imperative to talk with a workplace law attorney.

Updated: 6/5/2017