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June 1, 2019 – The California Court of Appeal has denied Tesla’s motion to compel arbitration. Journalists, bloggers, and others in the media who would like to know more are urged to contact the firm.San Francisco Bay Area Discrimination Law Firm

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“The Court of Appeal held that Tesla can’t enforce an arbitration agreement that our client never signed,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. “It’s important to get the word out that any and all workers who may be facing illegal discrimination are entitled to their day in Court, and are urged to reach out to a Bay Area discrimination attorney for a confidential consultation.”


Here is background on this release. Tesla is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most visible employers, with a large factory in Fremont, California, Alameda County, where its popular electric cars are produced. The litigation in question alleges a pattern of discrimination at Tesla, and due to the highly public nature of Tesla has received considerable press coverage. For example, Legal 360 has covered this recent decision in this article.

More importantly for the public, however, is to realize that any person who may be experiencing discrimination in the workplace is entitled to his or her day in Court. The first step is to reach out to a Bay Area discrimination law firm, such as California Civil Rights Law Group, for an initial consultation. Only a trained attorney can take an assessment of the available facts of a potential case and examine these facts in light of the law. Then, working with the potential client, they can work together to assess the next best steps. One easy thing to do is to read the informational page on discrimination.

Journalists, bloggers, and others in the media who are looking for interview opportunities are encouraged to reach out the discrimination attorneys of the firm. To do so, they can visit the website and click up to the “contact” button to request a call back.


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