Teodora Gagauz
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Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have faced a surge of violent attacks, harassment, and hate crimes since the start of the pandemic – especially after President Trump called Covid-19 “the China virus” last March. But racism against the AAPI community has a long history in the United States, spanning back generations. Anti-Asian sentiment, both subtle and overt forms, has caused a great deal of pain and fear in the AAPI community. We witness the hurt caused in our work to end discrimination daily.

The California Civil Rights Law Group exists to protect the rights of Californians to a workplace free from discrimination. Over the years, we have fought many legal battles to vindicate the rights of workers who have been harassed with racial epithets, subjected to discriminatory treatment – for example, by being paid less and told to work more or by being told to act in ways that conform to racial stereotypes or to know their place – and retaliated against for standing up for their rights. These sadly common workplace experiences not only leave our clients broken; they leave our communities broken too. Our clients’ emotional, financial, and sometimes even physical suffering has far-reaching and lasting effects. It destroys families and communities and threatens the vibrancy of our society. Today’s events remind us that the battle to end discrimination is far from over.

We ask for your help in advancing justice and equity for the AAPI community in the workplace by being an active ally, not a silent bystander, and by reporting any instances of racism you observe even when not directed at you. Too often witnesses are scared to stand up against racism to support a victim. But unless we stand up against racism together, progress will be slow and leave a trail of countless more victims.

Employers, you have an obligation to provide a safe place for all employees, regardless of race. Fulfill your obligation by not tolerating hate, racism, or discrimination of any kind. Support and empower your Asian employees; increase impactful representation in your company.

There is a lot to be done to advance justice and equity for all. At CCRLG, we continue our battle against racism and hate, fighting to protect the rights of AAPI workers. We encourage others in our community to be there for family members, friends, co-workers, and even strangers whose rights are under attack – even when it’s difficult. Together we are stronger and can stop the hate.