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“No one should have to trade their dignity and self-respect for a paycheck.”

–Larry Organ, Founding Partner, California Civil Rights Law Group
CCRLG Attorneys Larry Organ and Navruz Avloni alongside clients fighting for a harassment-free workplace

On behalf of four Black employees, the California Civil Rights Law Group today filed a lawsuit claiming racial harassment, discrimination and retaliation against Mitsubishi Electric, U.S., Inc. in the Superior Court in the County of Alameda.

Skilled elevator mechanics, plaintiffs were subject to racist comments by their supervisors and when they complained, they were retaliated against. The four Black employees were segregated from their white coworkers and assigned menial cleaning tasks. In addition to the demeaning assignments and degrading racist comments, the plaintiffs were subject to visual depictions of racist images including the KKK and Confederate flags and were confronted by a physical noose.

Update: Four Bay Area Men Sue Their Employer Claiming Harassment, Discrimination

The team at California Civil Rights Law Group is fighting for the rights of these clients because Mitsubishi failed in its duty to create a safe workplace. Every employer has an obligation to ensure that its workers are safe and free from harm—including the harm inflicted by racist conduct. We need Mitsubishi to clean up its workplace and this lawsuit sends a message to all employers that racist conduct will not be tolerated.

Racism in the workplace and everywhere else must stop now.

If you have experienced racial harassment, discrimination or retaliation at work, reach out to the team at the California Civil Rights Law Group.