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On Friday, the California Civil Rights Law Group filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the San Francisco Superior Court against Four Barrel Coffee and its CEO Jeremy Tooker on behalf of two employees who were subjected to Tooker’s violent, harassing, and abusive behavior—a pattern witnessed and experienced by numerous other female employees at the company.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys San Francisco, California

The complaint indicates that the harassment took many forms. Tooker often required employees to line up at company events and play a “kiss or slap game” in which woman had to choose between kissing or slapping Tooker. Worse, he assaulted the plaintiffs and other women, using physical force, and alcohol.

During operating hours, female employees were subjected to a demeaning and objectifying workplace environment. Merchandise included mugs with messages like “Fuck It” and “Suck It,” and the plaintiffs worked under a sign advertising “Dickens Cider” (meant to sounds like “dick inside her”) for $50.

The complaint also alleges that, despite verbal and written complaints to Human Resources of sex-based harassment and violence, the company failed to take appropriate action to stop Tooker’s conduct. In fact, employees who complained to HR were either ridiculed for “creating drama” and “talking shit,” or simply terminated.

The attorneys at the California Civil Rights Law Group are dedicated to putting an end to sexual harassment. We hope that women in the workplace continue to find the courage to report their abusers and that 2018 sees justice for these women.

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If you think you experienced sexual harassment, race-based discrimination, retaliation, or other illegal treatment in your work place, reach out to one of our San Francisco Bay Area attorneys with expertise in these issues. No two situations are alike, but with offices in Oakland and San Anselmo, our attorneys make it easy to have a confidential consultation on any potential civil rights violations that you may be facing.