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When someone is turned down for a job solely because of their age, they may feel devastated. However, age discrimination can affect people in the San Francisco Bay Area and across California in other ways. For example, someone who is employed in the tech industry may lose their job because of their age, even though their work performance is outstanding. Regrettably, far too many many people have been discriminated against on the basis of their age throughout the country.

A law that was recently passed in California prohibited subscription-based websites which offer employment services from publishing peoples’ ages, upon request. The ban would have had a significant impact on actors, some of whom are concerned about being turned down due to their age. Under the ruling, an actor could request that their age be removed from the website, regardless of whether or not they subscribe.

However, the law was struck down by a federal judge. As a result, the law has been temporarily blocked and one popular website has claimed that the law violates the first amendment. Furthermore, the federal judge ruled that the website would probably be successful in its claim that the law was in violation of the first amendment.

When someone suspects that they have been subjected to age discrimination, they should immediately assess the details surrounding any incidents of discrimination and review their options. For some, discussing what they have gone through with an attorney who is experienced in this area could be a smart decision.

Source: The Washington Post, “IMDb likely has First Amendment right to display people’s ages,” Eugene Volokh, Feb. 22, 2017