Fired because of your race? Here is what to do

April 15, 2017

You are suddenly fired and distraught about facing unemployment. One thought crossing your mind is, “Was I fired because of my race?” Unfortunately, this may be the case. Although employment discrimination is illegal, employers sometimes still make isions based on the race or color of employees. If you strongly feel that your race was a […] Read More

Types of sexual harassment

April 10, 2017

Every California resident has the right to be free from sexual harassment in the workplace. The California Civil Rights Law Group wants you to be aware of your rights regarding this type of harassment and the laws that extend you protection, including the federal Fair Labor Standards and Civil Rights Acts and the California’s Fair […] Read More

Appeals Court: Civil Rights Act protects LGBT workers

April 6, 2017

The 1964 Civil Rights Act, maybe the most important anti-workplace discrimination law ever passed by Congress, is still being interpreted in courtrooms in 2017. A ruling by a panel of federal judges could set up a showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court about whether the Act protects LGBT workers from discrimination. It is well-settled that […] Read More