Leading Bay Area Discrimination Lawyers Serving San Francisco, Oakland, and Marin County, California Civil Rights Law Group, Announce Post on Civil Rights Victory

April 2, 2019

San Francisco, California – April 1, 2019. California Civil Rights Law Group, a team of highly motivated and best-in-class discrimination attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce a commentary on their blog on recent developments in New Jersey at the Hightown High School. Read More

New Jersey High School Students Secure Civil Rights Victory

March 9, 2019

In this particularly precarious moment for civil rights in our country, it has become unusual to hear about positive developments in the civil rights arena. Last month, however, there was occasion to celebrate one such development, where students from New Jersey’s Hightown High School saw their efforts to pass a bill—one that would create an […] Read More

Any Pardon of Joe Arpaio is an Insult to our Constitution

August 23, 2017

Editor’s Note: As San Francisco Bay Area civil rights and discrimination attorneys, we often get queries from the public about civil rights issues in the news. In this post we address President Donald Trump’s recent hints that he may pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is currently in jail for violating the civil rights of Americans in […] Read More