California Civil Rights Law Group Announces Successful Updates to San Francisco Sexual Harassment Attorney Page

California Civil Rights Law Group, a San Francisco Bay Area law firm specializing in sexual harassment and discrimination law, is proud to announce new updates to its informational page for San Francisco residents on sexual harassment and other issues. San Francisco Sexual Harassment AttorneyThe newly updated page clarifies procedures by which persons who live and/or work in San Francisco can request a confidential consultation with an attorney on sexual harassment issues.

“While we have not yet opened our San Francisco law firm office, we wanted to make sure that San Franciscans realized that we are very active in their community when it comes to sexual harassment issues,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. “Accordingly, the newly updated page clearly explains that we offer both in-person and over-the-phone, confidential consultations for potential clients. This is helpful as many San Francisco residents may mistakenly believe that to be represented they need a law firm with a physical location in the city.”

To view the newly updated informational page on San Francisco sexual harassment issues, visit That page focuses on city-specific issues, such as how to request a phone consultation vs. an in-person consultation. In addition, it has driving directions from San Francisco to the firm’s Oakland law office in case an in-person meeting is desired. Finally, it overviews particular legal areas of interest ranging from sexual harassment to pregnancy discrimination to race, workplace, or LGTBQ discrimination issues. Indeed, the law firm even represents persons who are “whistleblowers” and feel like their employers may be retaliating against them for that activity. As for the page specifically on sexual harassment, that page is a deeper explanation of this issue. But in all cases, anyone who feels that they are facing workplace harassment and/or discrimination, should reach out for an attorney consultation. With physical offices in both San Anselmo and Oakland, the firm is convenient to much of the Bay Area. For those seeking an even easier option, phone consultations with an attorney are available.


Headed by renowned trial lawyer Larry Organ, California Civil Rights Law Group  is a leading employment law firm with San Francisco Bay Area offices in Oakland, Alameda County and San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Employees experiencing sexual harassment, race harassment, disability discrimination, LGTBQ discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and/or wrongful termination should reach out for an attorney consultation in either our Oakland/East Bay or San Anselmo/Marin County office.

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