CA Civil Rights, a Leading Law Firm on Pregnancy Discrimination in the San Francisco Bay Area, Announces New Post on Pregnancy Issues

California Civil Rights Law Group, a San Francisco Bay Area law firm specializing in sexual harassment and discrimination law, is proud to announce an informative new post to their blog on the topic of pregnancy discrimination. Women are often the victims of sexual harassment at work, even in San Francisco, Oakland, and other seemingly “progressive” cities. San Francisco Bay Area Pregnancy Discrimination LawyerHowever, the situation can become even more difficult when a woman becomes pregnant. The new post overviews the main issues for a lay audience.

“Much of our practice focuses on our work as sexual harassment attorneys in San Francisco and other Bay Area communities,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. “Our latest post, however, explains that discrimination against pregnant women is yet another obstacle that women may face in employment.”


To read the post on pregnancy discrimination issues and the need to seek out assistance from an attorney in Oakland, San Francisco, or elsewhere in the Bay Area if one suspects discrimination, visit The post explains that while women are often the victims of sexual harassment at work, pregnancy can create a new set of vulnerabilities and unfortunate opportunities for discrimination. Harassment and discrimination may only get worse when a woman decides to start a family. If a woman can’t work during her pregnancy, her employer might try to fire her or deny her leave. Worse, employers might try to demote employees or take away their seniority when they decide to come back to work. Anyone who is thinking about getting pregnant needs to understand the law and the requirements of employers. The post also explains the main points of California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Law or PDLL. Finally, it concludes with a suggestion that any woman who believes she may be experiencing pregnancy discrimination at work should reach out for an attorney consultation. No two situations are alike, and the first and most important step is an attorney consultation. Consultations do not cost money, and are the best and easiest way for a trained pregnancy attorney discrimination attorney to get the basic facts and to give advice as to whether filing a lawsuit is warranted.

With law firm offices in Oakland (Alameda County) and San Anselmo (Marin County), it’s easy to make an appointment for an attorney consultation. For those who live in cities such as San Francisco or Palo Alto, phone consultations are available.


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