Out of Office: Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence

March 23, 2018

California law is particularly generous when it comes to employees taking leave. There are several, distinct types of leave that employees in need can use.[1] Everyone should be aware, however, that taking leave is one thing, but paid leave is another. Many types of leave are unpaid. Lots of employees also need to use their […] Read More

Employee vs. Independent Contractor: The Problem Of Employee Misclassification

September 9, 2014

As economic demands pressure businesses to take steps to remain competitive, employers often look to labor as a means of cutting costs and staying “lean.” For example, if the employer is a manufacturer, the company might enlist another company to manage the production arm of its business as an alternative to hiring its own employees. […] Read More

CA Court of Appeal: Employers Must Pay Piece-Rate Employees Separate Hourly Wage For Non-Piece-Rate Work

May 14, 2013

In Gonzalez v. Downtown LA Motors, LP., the California Court of Appeal held that to comply with minimum wage requirements in California, piece-rate employees must be paid a separate minimum wage for non-piece-rate work. FACTS OF THE CASE The plaintiffs were employed as automotive service technicians for Downtown LA Motors, LP (DTLA). The technicians were […] Read More