CA Civil Rights Law Group, a Team of Bay Area Sexual Harassment Lawyers, Announces New Post on Sexual Harassment at Work

California Civil Rights Law Group, a leading San Francisco Bay Area law firm focused on sexual harassment, is proud to announce a short and to-the-point post about sexual harassment to its blog. Bay Area Sexual Harassment LawyersWritten by attorney Cady Sartorius, the post is part of the law firm’s blog outreach to the lay public on issues such as sexual harassment.

“One of the interesting dynamics in sexual harassment is the person vs. the situation, and Cady does a good job exploring the person versus the situation dynamics in the workplace, and reminds readers that the work environment itself can create a conducive environment for sexual harassment to persist and, even flourish,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm.

To read the post on sexual harassment at work, visit, and to read a more in-depth article on the topic visit The law firm has offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Anselmo, and so it is easy for Bay Area residents to meet face-to-face with a sexual harassment lawyer. No two situations are the same, and so anyone who believes that they may be facing workplace harassment or a hostile work environment is urged to reach out for a consultation.


The post explains as follows – researchers have reached the conclusion that characteristics do not determine a propensity for sexual harassment as much as the work environment itself. Sure, attitudes and opinions—like traditional views on male and female roles and belief in gender stereotypes—matter. But it turns out that organizational conditions are still the most powerful predictors of sexual harassment. Finally, there is a third big factor: tolerance of offensive behavior. A climate that condones (or fails to discourage) harassing behavior is likely to breed more harassing behavior.


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