CA Civil Rights Law Group, Leading Bay Area and Oakland Wrongful Termination Lawyers, Announces Wrongful Termination Blog Post

San Francisco, California – July 28, 2017. California Civil Rights Law Group, a law firm specializing in employment discrimination, including wrongful termination, is proud to announce a new post to its website on the topic of wrongful termination and employee rights. Both California and federal laws protect employees vis-a-vis medical leave, yet many workers still face retaliation from their employers up to and including wrongful termination.

WrongFul Termination Lawyers in Oakland, California“We receive many queries from the public on issues concerning family and medical leave,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. “Accordingly, our latest blog post overviews some of the issues involving employee firings, and the necessity to reach out to a wrongful termination lawyer should one believe that one has been a victim of any type of unlawful employer retaliation.”

To view the blog post, visit http://www.civilrightsca.com/2017/07/19/protecting-job-get-sick/. To learn more about wrongful termination, visit our website for more information. Interested persons are urged to reach out to the law firm for a consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer, as no two situations are alike and only a trained attorney can provide relevant advice.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers and the Lay Public

Despite legal protections at both the state and federal levels, the general public may not understand their rights related to wrongful termination. A person called upon to care for a sick loved one, for example, has certain defined rights in their employment. Similarly, a person who is himself or herself actually sick also has employment rights. California Civil Rights Law Group, as one of the leading employment law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, receives many inquiries related to wrongful termination. This new blog post is an attempt to shed light on this issue. Anyone who thinks that they may be facing employer retaliation and/or wrongful termination is urged to reach out for an attorney for a consultation. With offices in Oakland (Alameda County) and San Anselmo (Marin County), California Civil Rights Law Group offers convenient locations. For those in San Francisco and other cities phone consultations are also available.

About California Civil Rights Law Group

Headed by renowned trial lawyer Larry Organ, California Civil Rights Law Group, is a leading employment law firm with San Francisco Bay Area offices in Oakland, Alameda County and San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Employees experiencing sexual harassment, race harassment, disability discrimination, LGTBQ discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and/or wrongful termination should reach out for an attorney consultation in either our Oakland/East Bay or San Anselmo/Marin County office.

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